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Casey Okoniewski

Hello! My name is Casey Okoniewski. I am a Licensed Psychological Associate with Spectrum Services.
Casey Okoniewski
I am currently a doctoral student at North Carolina State University pursuing my PhD in School Psychology. I am originally from Western New York and moved to North Carolina in 2009 to obtain my Masters at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Upon graduation I worked for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School district as a pre-k and elementary level school psychologist, with a focus on assessment, intervention, and consultation.

My interests lie in early childhood development, assessment, and intervention. I have had specialized training in working with children with Autism and am knowledgeable a variety of support and intervention services for this population.

Below you will see a variety of services offered that are geared towards child and family support through assessment, intervention, consultation, and advocacy. My goal is to offer services that help to bridge the gap between services offered inside and outside the school setting. Please contact me with any questions or inquires about services not listed. I look forward to meeting and working with you and your child!

Psychoeducational Testing

As a classically trained school psychologist I have extensive experience in psychoeducational testing. When working with you and your child I will provide a comprehensive evaluation that includes perspectives from yourself, your child’s teacher, and school support staff. Evaluations traditionally include cognitive, educational, and behavioral batteries designed to offer more information about strengths and concerns. I offer school observations as part of these evaluations as well as testing on evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays in order to try to avoid having to pull your student from valuable instruction time.

Parent Advocacy and Consultation

Based on my experience working in the school system, I understand that it can sometimes be a hard place to navigate for parents and families. As a parent advocate and consultant I can help you understand your rights as a parent and how to voice the needs for your child. I am available to provide you with school based intervention plans, attend school meetings, and consult with teacher and support service providers in a thoughtful manner that acknowledges the inner workings of a school and goals for your child.

Tutoring Services

As a school psychologist I am trained in a variety of intervention practices for educational and behavioral needs.

School Year. During the school year I can work with your child on specific areas of need as it relates to grade-based expectations. This would include consultation with teachers about current classroom practices and any interventions in place. For example, if your child is having difficulty in an area or you are being told they are “in” RtI or MTSS, I can work with teachers to provide more clarification and support. I would combine the teacher’s goals for your child along with your goals to build on and expand educational skills.

Summer. During the summer I offer daily tutoring services to help bridge the gap from school year to school year and encourage retention of material. Similar to services offered during the school year, I would work with yourself and your child’s teacher (or IEP goals if applicable) to create a plan that would support learning and retention across the summer months.

Study Skills Support Services

With this individualized service I will meet with your child on a regular basis to teach and apply organizational, time management, and study skill strategies. I will work together with you and your child to introduce helpful approaches aimed at: organizing physical space, creating a schedule, using a planner, learning how to take effective notes, and improving study skills and test taking strategies. As a clinician/parent/child team we create individualized goals and are able to offer weekly meetings to implement techniques as specifically applied to your child’s assignments and weekly to dos.

Early Kindergarten Entry Evaluations

Early kindergarten entry evaluations provide the cognitive and educational standard scores and percentiles needed by many local districts in consideration for early kindergarten entry. After contacting us to schedule an early kindergarten evaluation, I will create a district specific battery to ensure all requirements are met for your application. You and your child will come in for one day of testing and another day to review results.

Academically Gifted Evaluations

Academically gifted evaluations provide the cognitive and educational standard scores and percentiles needed by many local districts in consideration for academically gifted instruction. After contacting us to schedule a gifted evaluation, I will create a district specific battery to ensure all requirements are met for your application. You and your child will come in for one day of testing and another day to review results.

Educational Progress Evaluations

Educational progress evaluations provide detailed information about your child’s academic abilities. These evaluations are particularly helpful for children in non-traditional educational settings where instructors would benefit from detailed information about academic standing and progress. Educational progress testing provides information about academic skills, and results in individualized recommendations for continued growth. Assessments of this type would also meet requirements for yearly homeschool evaluations.

In-Home Options

I am happy to discuss with you any in-home services that would help to support you and your family with intervention implementation. This service can take many forms and would be individualized to each client. Examples include setting up a structured play area, organizing a workspace, or creating visual schedules for around the house to support your child’s independent task completion.

Christina Unruh, MSW, LCSW

Christina Unruh is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Dialectical Behavior Therapist with Spectrum Services.
Christina Unruh, MSW, LCSW
Christina completed her Master of Social Work at East Carolina University. She is intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) through the Linehan Institute, Behavioral Tech.

She is also trained in DBTPE through Treatment Implementation Collaborative, LLC, to address trauma and anxiety. Her clinical background includes community mental health and substance abuse counseling, serving individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and poly-substance abuse.

Treatment Focus

Christina Unruh specializes in working with young adults with behavioral challenges and emotion dysregulation. She works extensively with individuals with suicidal thoughts, self-injury, and past suicide attempts. Christina also serves adults of all ages with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She offers a safe, supportive space for their caregivers and families as well, including partners and spouses of people with High Functioning Autism. Christina is, herself, the parent of a young adult with mild Autism. She is proud to offer her experience and vision for the role of family in supporting neurodiversity at home and in the community.

Therapy Approach

Christina utilizes DBT, a skills-based, emotion-focused treatment that addresses behavior using principles of Mindfulness, Applied Behavioral Analysis, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. DBT is a warm, collaborative, and strengths-based therapy that helps individuals learn to manage emotions and decrease unwanted behaviors. DBT is evidenced-based as the first-line treatment for many mental health disorders.