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Casey Okoniewski, PhD

Licensed Psychologist
Casey Okoniewski

I am a classically trained school psychologist, with expertise in neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly intellectual and developmental disabilities including autism spectrum and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders, and rare neurogenetic disorders. I received my PhD from North Carolina State University in May 2017 after completing my clinical internship at the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities. Prior to obtaining my PhD I worked in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School district as a pre-k and elementary level school psychologist, with a focus on assessment, intervention, and consultation after completing my MEd at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

My interests lie in early childhood development, assessment, intervention, and advocacy. I have had specialized training in working with individuals across the lifespan with autism spectrum disorder and a variety of differential learning profiles.

Below you will see a range of services offered that are geared towards child and family support. My goal is to provide services that help to bridge the gap between services offered inside and outside the school setting and working with a child’s whole ecological system. Please contact us with any questions or inquires about services not listed. I look forward to meeting and working with you and your child!

Psychoeducational Testing

As a classically trained school psychologist I have extensive experience in psychoeducational testing. When working with you and your child I will provide a comprehensive evaluation that includes perspectives from yourself, your child’s teacher, and school support staff. Evaluations traditionally include cognitive, educational, and behavioral batteries designed to offer more information about strengths and concerns. I offer school observations as part of these evaluations as well as testing on evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays in order to try to avoid having to pull your student from valuable instruction time.

Parent Advocacy and Consultation

Based on my experience working in the school system, I understand that it can sometimes be a hard place to navigate for parents and families. As a parent advocate and consultant I can help you understand your rights as a parent and how to voice the needs for your child. I am available to provide you with school based intervention plans, attend school meetings, and consult with teacher and support service providers in a thoughtful manner that acknowledges the inner workings of a school and goals for your child.

Study Skills Support Services

With this individualized service I will meet with your child on a regular basis to teach and apply organizational, time management, and study skill strategies. I will work together with you and your child to introduce helpful approaches aimed at: organizing physical space, creating a schedule, using a planner, learning how to take effective notes, and improving study skills and test taking strategies. As a clinician/parent/child team we create individualized goals and are able to offer weekly meetings to implement techniques as specifically applied to your child’s assignments and weekly to dos.

Early Kindergarten Entry Evaluations

Early kindergarten entry evaluations provide the cognitive and educational standard scores and percentiles needed by many local districts in consideration for early kindergarten entry. After contacting us to schedule an early kindergarten evaluation, I will create a district specific battery to ensure all requirements are met for your application. You and your child will come in for one day of testing and another day to review results.

Academically Gifted Evaluations

Academically gifted evaluations provide the cognitive and educational standard scores and percentiles needed by many local districts in consideration for academically gifted instruction. After contacting us to schedule a gifted evaluation, I will create a district specific battery to ensure all requirements are met for your application. You and your child will come in for one day of testing and another day to review results.

Educational Progress Evaluations

Educational progress evaluations provide detailed information about your child’s academic abilities. These evaluations are particularly helpful for children in non-traditional educational settings where instructors would benefit from detailed information about academic standing and progress. Educational progress testing provides information about academic skills, and results in individualized recommendations for continued growth. Assessments of this type would also meet requirements for yearly homeschool evaluations.

In-Home Options

I am happy to discuss with you any in-home services that would help to support you and your family with intervention implementation. This service can take many forms and would be individualized to each client. Examples include setting up a structured play area, organizing a workspace, or creating visual schedules for around the house to support your child’s independent task completion.

Meredith Dangel, LCMHC-A

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC)
Meredith Dangel

My core belief as a counselor is that all lives tell a beautiful story, and I am honored to walk alongside clients as they write their stories. I offer my clients an empathetic and supportive space to be seen, heard, and understood without judgment. Depending on the client’s needs, we may explore their thoughts and feelings, talk about the past, or discuss relationship challenges. We may use practical strategies for mindfulness, stress-reduction, or goal-setting. In all cases, we will focus on helping the client live their best life in the here and now.

My clients are often challenged by chronic stress, perfectionism, anxiety, or depression. I have special interests in parents experiencing burnout as well as clients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. My specialized training and my lived experience as a parent to an autistic son allow me to serve my clients in a way that values neurodiversity.

As your counselor, I promise to honor your story. You also have my commitment to strive for cultural humility as I continually practice self-reflection and educate myself on oppression in all forms. I look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to learn more about me at my website,

Kelly Kingston

Outdoor Wellness Coach
Kelly Kingston

My love for the outdoors began as a child. I would spend countless hours getting lost in nature.  This has always provided me serenity, wellness, physical fitness, and an immense appreciation and desire to protect our planet.

These benefits and my desire to share them with others led me to start my own non-profit, called Share The Stoke Foundation (STSF). Since the inception in 2011, we have impacted more than 1000 kids in underserved communities all over the world by teaching them to surf, providing mentorship, donating surfboards, and educating them about the impact humans pose to our planet, specifically to our oceans. During these impactful missions, the kids often realize their own importance and gain self-worth, a sense of responsibility and discipline, and become a part of their community.

In the past 10 years with STSF, I have witnessed children and adults find meaning and direction through outdoor play and exploration. As an Outdoor Wellness Coach, my mission is to assist people with learning and mental health differences so that they can develop and improve skill building, experience sensory play, lower stress levels, enhance their balance and coordination, and develop a wonderful appreciation of nature while promoting general wellness and health by utilizing the outdoors.

It is my belief that exercise is medicine… and in fact, it is! Numerous studies have proven that exercise improves well-being by reducing anxiety, depression, negative mood and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. I look forward to sharing the benefits of time out in nature with you or your loved ones!!!

Per hour: $40
Half day (~4 hours): $150
Full day (~8 hours): available upon request

Please feel free to contact me for more information at